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Wedding photography

The wedding day is one of the most important moments in a couple's life: remember it in the best way!
Entrust your wedding photo shoot to a professional wedding photographer and his advanced skills for a truly up to par result.
My professional wedding photo shoots combine classic style and reportage, with particular attention to small moments of simplicity and spontaneity.

Your emotions first of all

My shots will surprise you even many years later.
Invisible and discreet, I know the secrets to naturally portray your day, making each service special. Because every detail is important and deserves to be told.

Alessandro Lussi

Photographer specialized in wedding reportage and couple portraits, I combine different photographic styles, telling your wedding with an attentive but never invasive approach and with that extra touch that makes every shot alive and evocative.
The skilful combination of reportage and classic, that is the stolen photo and the studied one, gives elegance, originality and spontaneity to every image.
Photography means for me passion and fun. The wedding photography even more, since I can capture emotions, moments and feelings to give them back to the spouses later and forever, with the same intensity. My works are unique, as unique is every wedding I tell.
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prenuptial Photo shoot

A romantic memory that portrays you before the yes.
How were you? A fun photo session accompanies you on your most important day.
At your house, outdoors or in unforgettable locations. And maybe a small book to be enriched with dedications on the wedding day.
Equipment used in wedding photography

Technical information

Full frame camera bodies and professional optics
All my photo shoots are made with full frame camera bodies (dlsr / reflex) and professional optics specific for portrait photography.

Tripod and remote release
To avoid blur effects and to shoot even in low light conditions avoiding the annoying noise, which would compromise the quality of the photographs, I always use a tripod and remote shutter release.

Raw shooting format
All my photographic services are in raw format. The raw allows to obtain a reworkable image in post production without loss of detail and quality.

I prefer the use of ambient light, the only one capable of faithfully reproducing the naturalness of colors.
But this is not always possible: especially when the environment is poorly lit compared to external light sources, as often happens in churches, municipal offices and restaurants. In all these cases, where the light is not suitable to return an optimal result, I use adequate sources of artificial lighting including continuous lights and flashes.

Post production
I value post production, in which I pay the utmost attention and care, to deliver to the customer a highly professional product that will really make the difference. I submit each image to corrections and improvements through specific software. I straighten the vertical lines, correctly set the white balance, the exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast and saturation adjustments.

Photo editing
I perform, even on request, photo editing on specific areas of the image to eliminate any imperfections or unwanted elements.

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Wedding Photography
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